What distinguishes the mortgage markets from other...

1.What distinguishes the mortgage markets from other capital markets?

3.What features contribute to keeping long term mortgage interest rates low?

9.Distinguish between conventional mortgage loans and insured mortgage loans.

1. When the euro appreciates, are you more likely to drink california or french wine?

2.”A country is always worse offwhen it’s currency is weak (falls in value).” Is this statement true, false or uncertain? Explain your answer.

4.If the Japanese price level rises by 5% relative to the price level in the United States, what does the theory of purchasing power parity predict will happen to the value of japanese yen in terms of dollars?

12. How can persistant U.S. balance of payments deficits stimulate world inflation?

16.Are controls on capital outflows a good idea? Why or Why not?

10.the more collateral there is backing a loan the less the lender has to worry about adverse selection. True or false, explain.

2.How does the provision of several types of financial services by one firm lead to a lower cost of information production?

3.How can conflicts of interest make financial markets less efficient

4.How can conflicts of interest lead to unethical behavior?

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